Sunday, September 26, 2010

35 week dr. appointment

And it begans what I have been dreading since I got prego. Last week was so uncomfortable @ my 35 week dr. appointment they put stuff in places I would not like to talk about. Just know it was bad. Beyond bad in fact.OMG. Every week I'm going to have to go threw that & my husband is NO help! He just laughed and showed NO sympathy!

wondering what the heck is

oh just a cube tip

trying to mentally prepare for the worst

sleeping at night is the worst!Ugh.

on another note the Saint lost tonight.. & we lost on our fansty football team lost too.. ugh! it's okay.. there is always next week! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Baby Story!

I absolutely love this show. I would love to be on there, so ofcourse they are NEVER down here!! But I thought I would try I know they would NEVER pick me, but oh well.... lmao!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Saint vs. Vikings!

Saint's Party!
I fried chicken & baked chicken & hot wings...
made french onin dip
made deviled egs
cream cheese chocolate chip cookies
& homemade french fries :)
oh yeah & we (saints lol) WON 14 -9
Yay! :)
I'm 33 weeks almost 34 Sunday!! :)
I am getting big!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alden James Cheatham Jr's room is DONE! All we need is baby :)

The Nursary is done!!
I enjoyed doing this nursary with my husband sooo much. We really pretty much agreed on almost everything. I came up with the concept & he helped put it together. This nursary is truly maded out of love. I cannot wait until AJ get here! :)

Check it out at : Project Nursery Gallery

I was on a budget of $500. I did a lot of clearence shopping, Craigslist shopping, & discount shopping. We had giftcards from our wedding we never used that I used for the babyroom. Some stuff we got from family. Mostly everything I brought I got on sale.
The paint color or Valpser Harvest(stipes) & Martha Stewart's Spun Suger. We brought from Lowes. Harvest was from left over paint from our master's bed room. I really wanted to tie the two rooms in!

 Large storage Ottman by chalkboard Jcp $0/ 69.99 (girftcard) Gold mirror over changing table was (free from husband family.) Spray painted gold.
Rug Walmart $44.00 Curtians $0/14.99 panel (Jcp gift card) Changing Table & Bed $150 (Craigslist) We spray painted with cream. Lanterns $4.99 each (WorldMarket) The Glider $50 ( Craigslist) We spay painted gold & cleaned cushions. Cubes from Kmart $0/ $29.99 (giftcard) Lamp 
$ 19.99 (target)
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