Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Room Revisited

Update: I decided to update the baby room! We changed lamps. We moved some stuff around.& We added more of a personal touch! If you want the break down of how much I spent, go here.


Video Tour of Aj's Room

Check the room out at:


Anonymous said...

I just love love love all the work you put into the room..You are so creative


FAYErydust said...

Wow.That is so cute. Can you adopt me for a while? Haha. Your baby is so lucky >.<

The Cheathams said...

@ Dami thanks for your comment., It really is appreciated! :)

@ Faverydust I sure can adopt you LOL! We would have fun doing your ROOM! :)

FAYErydust said...

woa~ really?!
Wee.. I'm so happy :)
My room's a mess now. Haha. i have my own room but I dunno what happened to my brothers. They keep on sharing in my room where in fact they have their own rooms. :)
I'll go to your place instead. Haha. (winks)

The Hopeless Romantic said...

I took the video tour, and this is the sweetest little nursery that ive seen in a long time. Congrats on ur sweet little boy....Hold on tight, they grow up so fast....Bonnie

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