Meet the Cheathams

 Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.We hope you stay a while and come back often.
 My name is Valencia, but you can call me V! I am 25 years old. I was born and raised in the BEST CITY in the entire WORLD - New Orleans, and that is where I currently reside!!I got my degree in government with a minor criminal justice. I am a house wife/ stay at home mom. I have a passion from everything from gardening to cooking! I have been married to the GREATEST MAN alive for about 2 years NOW! His name is Alden. I call him Senior (Sr.) on the blog.  We gave birth to an amazing son in October 2010. His name is also Alden. I call him Junior (Jr.) on the blog. Since Jr. came along  Sr. has been a wonderful father!  

Alden Sr. is the greatest man alive. He is the jack of all trades. If he can't do it then NO one can ( he didn't make me say it. I really mean it *wink*). I swear I love that man. He was also born and raised in New Orleans. I doubt if we will ever leave. Our love for New Orleans runs to deep. He has his degree in accountant.
Alden Jr. is the newest member to the Cheatham Clan. I must say he is the best thing that could have ever happen to us! We love him so much. Being parents is truly a dream come true.
What is Our Blog About?
Our blog is about life.  We are on a journey for self- improvement. We want to be our best self. We want to communicate with others who are also on a journey to have the best life they can have. We will be blogging about home improvement, decorating, cooking, party- planning, cleaning, organizing, crafting, pets, baking, music, relationships, parenting, finances, life in New Orleans & so much more.  We Love to be surrounded around beautiful people, food, & atmospheres. Beauty is what makes life worth it.  Join us on our journey!  

*Sorry in advance for the MANY errors on our blog. I am usually blogging in between projects and with a very impatient baby in my arms! SO please forgive me! :)

** Please feel free to comment & email us with questions! Contact Us


The Hopeless Romantic said...

Valencia, first i must apologize for taking so darn long to come over and say hello. With that outta the way, its so nice to meet u and ur lovely lil family. What a lovely triangle the three of yall make. I love ur blog,im still perusing and reading older posts. Im quite enjoying myself. Ive been alittle MIA in blogworld this past week, as im working on too many things at once, lol. Ur new little boy is a cutie. I look forward to new posts, and dont hesitate to stop in and say hello some time....ur new friend in FL, Bonnie

Everybody Love the Cheathams said...

Girl, it is nice to meet you too! I love your blog. I love what you have been working on. I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

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