Thursday, March 31, 2011

Working in the Garden

It's Spring!

It's time to get dirty and start working on the garden. Right? Well,I have been watching The Martha Show and she says you should plan your garden before you actually start digging . Well, I've been "planning" our garden.  I guess my interpretation of planning a garden is a little bit off. I am pretty much  planning my garden around plants that go on clearance at Lowes. Yep, we're on a budget. Especially since we've been spending a lot of money on stuff around the house. Don't clearance plants need love too?? ha

 Here is a tip I've learned for buying plants, It's better to buy plants in the Winter if you can house them because we  brought most of our plants in the winter and kept them inside to nurther them.  However, we didn't have to keep them in most days because New Orleans weather is very WEIRD! One day it could be under 40 degrees, and then the next day it could be in the 70's.  We do not have a TRUE Winter season! I found most of our hanging plants for a steal in the Winter. Some were dieing and needed some TLC.
Here is one of them:
$2.00 regular $10 we brought all they which was five. We would have brought more if we could. They were originally red when we first brought them,but when Spring hit they turned green.
Here's another:

These were a $1 They are baby Ivory I think.

I l o v e this flower:

The love story Lily.. The BEST deal ever! $2.00. Can you believe that?? They weren't even dieing. They hadn't even bloomed yet. One lady got to them before I could she got most of them. I only was able to get 3 before this other lady snatched up the fourth one before I could get it. Yep, it was a fight over these. Wouldn't you fight over them too?? lol I went back to Lowes  because I really wanted 4 , but now I think I want 8. And guess what, they had just brought some off the truck, and they want $8 for them, yeah, I think I'm going to wait it out to see it I luck up & get them on clearance again..

These are all the flowers I just recently brought all under $3.00. Can you believe that??

We LOVE plants. We have several inside our home. Plants & flowers just makes a home feel like a home. :)

Here is some of our inside plants :
 $1.00 it was half dieing before I brought it. Wish I had a before picture.

My latest find as of two days ago. $ 1.50. I brought 2, and They are on our entry table

Here's another tip that is pretty helpful when shopping, Lowes have these bar codes on their plants. All you have to do is download the software on your smart phone & then snap a picture of the bar code & the plant guide comes up right on your phone in seconds. This is an amazing tool. It really can help when you're trying to figure out what plants will work best in your garden..

Are you working on your garden/ landscaping? What flowers are you buying?

** I am a beginner gardener. I know a little bit from  being in the garden club when I was in elementry, a little bit from my grandpapa, a little bit from trial & error, and a little bit from research. I am NO expert on gardening. Please share some tips if you have any because I really want a beautiful garden..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Super busy finishing up  pantry! I can't wait to show ya'll :)
What are you up to??

Jr. sitting like a big boy in a highchair. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updated Spring Wreath & a cute baby

dollar store flowers & I hot glued buttons in the middle! :)
To view previous post click here

how cute is he?

I've been thrifting again.. will post tomorrow. I got some new plants also that I will post tomorrow.. How is your Tuesday going?? :)
What do you think about my new wreath??
Is n't Jr. too cute?? ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

I laaalaa love Peter!

Happy Monday!

Check out Peter's post here!

If you haven't already met Peter, let me introduce you to him.

Meet Peter before:

He was a little sad "tow up" ( as we say in New Orleans)  before we brought him home to Casa Cheathams. He had worn out clothes and was in desperate need of a make over.

Now look at him glow. He couldn't be happier with his new look.

Ain't he good looking now? lol

** project pantry. Is almost complete. I can't wait to post some pictures!! Stay tuned :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Now do you remember those steal of a deal containers from here:
Well, I have jazzed them up a bit to be more functional.
here is the before:


When I say I LOVE this... I love this... I mean I reallly really love
 I can't wait to put this in the pantry when it is done! :)

obviously, I am obsessed with chalkboards. They are wonderful. I love to be able to erase and re write something. These chalkboard labels are amazing and very convenient.

Do you like chalkboards?? Do you have any in you home?
What do you think about my new chalkboard labels??

Friday, March 25, 2011

Project Pantry in Full Effect

Happy Friday!!! :)

Project pantry is in FULL swing. & I am so happy.. :) 

Now, yesterday, I posted these beautiful pictures of our Dinning Area check that out here..

Before: Lovely, I must say myself. lol

 but be very afraid of what it looks like now! lol I literally started this mess right after I finished taking those pictures..

Horrible right??? lmao

Well, we are working on project pantry.. So I had to clean it out to patch up the wall and paint, so we can work on the shelves.. 

Onto to Project Pantry....

 Pantry befores:

Not too shabby right??

Well, I can't STAND those wire shelves. The previous owners put them up pretty badly which is why this happen:

More about that here

 The wire shelves are gone, and they will be replaced with wood! YAY!! :) Are you wonder what we are doing with the wire shelves? Well, we are selling them on Craigslist! Check them out here if you or you know someone who wants them! Just because I don't like them doesn't mean somebody else won't. Right?? ha But if these wonderful shelves don't sell, then we will put them up in our garage... Yeah, we are really big on recycling , so we will not send these to a waste land.. We will find use for them some where in casa Cheathams.

I want to replace this, but practical Sr. is not feeling that . I would like something maybe not so practical, but that will look amazing!! Who will win this battle? stay tuned. I have a good idea who will win.. ha
Can we say I had a busy busy week???  I got a lot completed & started like all of those big projects ( some I haven't even posted yet) like dinning room chairs, completed dinning area, & started project pantry, plus a whole BUNCH of small projects like Spring wreath, Chalkboard labels, Peter , organzing files on computer, and I did a lot of  blogging, household chores and shopping. Plus, I got a good bit ( depends on what you call a good bit) of my Spring cleaning done ( which should have been done, but c'mon I'm on only human or am I?? LOL) ...And people think housewives do nothing all day.

 I did all of this with a not soo interested crying soon to be 5 month year old...Yep, I think I'm superwoman..

This weekend
Not only will we be working on Project Pantry, we will have to do lawn work.... When will we sleep?? lol

Can we get a baby sitter?? :)

 What project will you be tackling this weekend??

 Have you already got a pantry completed that you would like to share???

If no project, then how will you be spend your weekend??

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dinning Area done?

I am pretty happy with our dining room  area right now. I think Sr. is too. We don't have a dedicated dinning room, so we had to be creative with the space so that it could be functional for everyday use, but still be "stylish". Our home has a very rustic feel to it. There is a lot of stone & wood work in and around our home. I love romantic design. I like whites, vases & flowers. Sr. likes browns and natural wood. We also like outside in, so we have a lot of plants and flowers in our home most of the time.  I guess our style is rustic , romantic, and gardeny ( I doubt if that's a word, but hey it's my post lol) which is the perfect mix of us. Yep, we are pretty eclectic people. Why should we have to choose?

(ha, how I dare I post this picture.. I need to touch up paint.. I am about to go get my paint brush as I am typing.. lol) Real life!

**This is still in progress, but it will work for now.  Also, the colors are very Spring! :)

What do you think about our dinning area?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am on a mission to digitally organizing our life! :) I got inspired by iheartorganizing! She organized her pictures, SO I decided to take it one step farther! I am going to organize our computer files. So over the next couple of  weeks, I will be digitally organizing our life. You should join me.

 Here's the list:
  1. Pictures
  2. Videos
  3. Documents
  4. Music
  5. Email
  6. Favorite's List.
  7. Calender
Last weekend I sent SEVERAL hours organizing our digital photos & I am not even finished yet. I still need to delete duplications and excess. However, I am feeling good about our progress. I organized our photos by year and created some by subject like blog ideas, home ( pictures of all the rooms in Our house before & after pictures), food, graphics.etc.. 
Within the year folders, I broke them down by month. For the name, I put a lot of details in it because I wanted to make sure I made it easy for us to find when need be .

Within the month folders, I broke them down into events & so fourth.

Then I deleted duplicates & renamed them like first Christmas 1.

That completes pictures organization.

Do you have a different method on organizing pictures?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Dinning Chairs

We brought some new chairs for our dinning room area from Bridge House Saturday. I We are in love with these chairs. I sent Sr.  a picture of the chairs & his response was Cheatham Ole Cheatham. I knew right then that we had found our new project! I don't know if you can tell but one of the chairs is missing a piece. lol I think it gives the chair character.  We will be painting the chairs white, and Sr. wants new fabric on the seats, but I like the fabric already on them, so eventually we will be recovering them. lol

 I can't wait until we start this project ( can you tell how happy I am? lol
Stay tuned! :)
(What have you found brought lately?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello Spring

First day of Spring was yesterday, I was feeling inspired by the beautiful flowers blooming for Spring around my house, and silly me decided to make a fresh flower front door wreath. Of course it died . LOL. Yep, so now I have to make another one with fake flowers. To get back inspired, I came across these BEAU-TI-FUL wreaths, and now I'm jelly! Now, I am going to make another one. :)

Spring wreaths!
Here is a beautiful yellow wreath made by Pretty Handy Girl!

Is this beautiful? I love the yellow and the buttons!

Next is this butterfly wreath that was made by a soft place to land!

(Source: A Soft Place to Land)

This is wreath is so unique.

(source: unknown)

(Source:Living with Lindsay)

This is another beautiful Spring wreath.. I heart the letter!

ok, so now onto my fresh flower wreath that is dead already.

this brush started it all. lol this is the brush that got me into the Spring mood!

I got this wreath from Bridge House. The price on it was 9.95. As if I was really going to pay $10 for this, even though I was in LOVE with it. However, there was a red line through it, so that meant it was half off. Still I say, as if I was going to pay $5.00 for it! Nevertheless, I paid $2.00 for it which was the right price. Don't you think so? lol 

Isn't this beautiful? Wouldn't you feel inspired to make a fresh wreath too??! lol 

Well, this was the end result. I LOVED it! Nevertheless, it died a few short days later, so now I have to go to the dollar store and buy some stuff to make a new one that will last the season. Wish me luck :)

Have you started your Spring wreath yet????

Side note, I had a great weekend. We did a mini reno on the kitchen ( I will post on that later), I got most some a little of my Spring cleaning done ( give me a break lol) , Sr. cooked me such a DELICIOUS breakfast, and we hung out on the lake with family and ate crawfish. I live for Sundays!

(Sr. calls this his 7th ward breakfast)

How was your weekend?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A bowl full of lemons.: Silhouette GIVEAWAY!!!!

A bowl full of lemons.: Silhouette GIVEAWAY!!!!: "My new Silhouette SD machine finally arrived and I'm dedicating this week to my Silhouette SD machine creations. I'm also giving away ..."

I would love to win this machine. I am about to go to bed dreaming about this tonight when I go to sleep. lol

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, over here at  Casa Cheathams we will be Spring cleaning , working on projects ( project pantry, project shelving, & working on peter) & "making groceries" as we say down here in New Orleans. :)

On a great note, last night Jr. slept in his own bed for the entire night!! whew whoo!! I got a pretty good  sleep. I have had so much  more energy then usual, so I am now working on my Spring Cleaning List

Day 1
Clean Rugs
Clean Carpets
Clean Window ledges
Clean Light Fixtures
Clean Air Filters
Clean Air Vents

Well, that's pretty good considering my four month old was not cooperating with Spring Cleaning.
The rest wiil get added on to tomorrow's

I also started taking down our spice cabinet in the kitchen, so we can begin painting the kitchen & working on our shelves. I also started on working on Peter (click link to read more about Peter)

Have you started Spring Cleaning yet?? if not what are you waiting for??  :)

 ****Tomorrow we will be having a relationship discussions! Come back tomorrow & be ready to talk! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pottery Barn plates .59 cents each!

You have got to LOVE Goodwill! Look at all this amazing stuff I got for $27. I wasn't even going to go yesterday, but I said to myself I am just going to browse. I love browsing! :)  I can't believe I found 7 Pottery Barn plates for .59 cents each.! I wasn't even looking for dinnerware, but I couldn't pass this up. I stumbled on these dish completely by accident. & what a great accident.

.99 a piece I got 8

mini shelf .99
When is the last time you been thrifting?
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