Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom's Day! :)

This is my first Mom's day & for part of my gift we will be doing what I love ... working in the garden and I can't wait!! The second part is Sr. cooking me breakfast.. ....YUM! THe third part is going to my grandmom's house for a mom's day dinner! Not sure how many parts there will be, but this is going to be a great mom's Day!

I am thankful to have a strong beautiful mother who loves me to no end. From her, I learned how to provide for my family & still take care of home. I am grateful to have an amazing grandmother. From her, I learned how to be a care giver & how to be a lady. I am also Thankful for my  wonder mom in law who raised one heck of a man!  I love y'all & Happy Mom's Day ! :)

Happy Mom's Day to all the new Moms & veteran moms.. This is your OUR day.  :)

oh yeah, Congrats to my sis -n- law on graduating today! We love you & we are very proud of you! :)

You got to love him! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Proofing Already....

Wow, I have been blog neglecting. I think this is my first post of the new month. I have been super busy as if I even have time to post this, but Jr. is still sleeping, so I plan on taking full advantage of this moment of silents. :)

What has been going on here at Casa Cheatham ??
Well, we have been finishing up the office, finishing up the backyard garden & a whole lot of cleaning and organizing... whew.. We're broke so all of this with no money.. :)

I have been also, daydreaming about Jr.'s first party which I know I have sometime, but I have to be on the look out for deals and stuff, so he can have one amazing party. We have also, been thinking about what we are going to do for Sr.'s gathering this June. Sr.'s birthday is ALWAYS an event! We won't get into it because it might cause an argument... lol

Anyways, Jr. Has been doing some amazing stuff which is good and bad. He is now a pro crawler now. He follows me around crying for me to pick him up. He pulls himself up on things like chairs, bar stools, bed rails, sofas, ottomans, etc.. However, he has not mastered the art of getting back down, so once he does these amazing things, he cries out for momma to help him back down. :)

So we have started baby proofing we have so much baby proofing to do. We Sr. put Jr.'s bed down because that is the first thing he started pulling up on. & that began his quest to conquer pulling up on everything else in this house..

Here is baby crying because mommy dared to leave him in his bed alone..

He's still sooo cute even when he is screaming at the TOP of his lungs! :)

But here is a cute baby walking at 6 months. I really hope JR. DOESN'T start this. Even though he trying, but I give him til he's about 9 months at least (I hope). I know what you're thinking? Why would I not want him to start walking early. Well, I like him being a baby, and I also like my stuff , so don't judge

Do you have any baby proofing tips?? When did you start baby proofing?

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