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Hi Valencia, your baby is 11 weeks old! You've probably noticed by now, but your weight loss and baby's gain aren't exactly occurring at the same rate. In fact, if you're healthy about it, losing the baby weight will take about as long as it did to gain it -- in other words, you've got a good six months to go. The good news here? No one's expecting you to be back to your prebaby weight anytime soon. Take it slow, and eat balanced meals that include fruit, veggies, and protein. Being a new mom requires far too much energy to play with fad diets and quick weight-loss schemes!

So I am going to be a fatty a little while

Your baby
Playtime pal

Baby loves listening to nursery rhymes, looking at books, and playing with you...but he's into everything else going around him too. Watch for signs that baby's losing interest during playtime -- if he looks away, closes his eyes, or shows irritation while you're in the middle of singing "This Little Piggy" and wiggling his toes, he's telling you that he's just not that into your game at the moment. Let him have some down time when he wants it -- just like you, he sometimes needs a break.
All medical information reviewed by Dr. Paula Prezioso of Pediatric Associates in New York City
[ tip ] If you're breastfeeding, you still need to eat more throughout the day than before you got pregnant. To find out how many calories you need every day, multiply your pregnancy weight by 12 if you're inactive, 15 if you get in some exercise, and 22 if you're a jock. 

Yep... Still boob feeding. & it is actually going pretty well. Besides the fact, I have a REALLY greedy & very impatient baby things couldn't be better! LOL

YAY! ( I guess eatting these hope cakes aren't helping)

It's something about fresh flowers in the house that makes me smile. Every time I walk in a room with fresh  flowers, I am immediately put at ease. They brighten my day. Plants also bring the same feeling to my heart, so I recently brought some inside plants. It's amazing how plants can transform a space. It's also great how plants can bring the outside in. I have been in a better place lately. I'm going to call it my happy place. When things are going bad, or if some thing / one makes me angry, I am going to revert there to help me not overreact like I tend to always do.
             On a better note, AJ is amazing me each and everyday. He grabs and holds things. He rolls over, he smiles so much that it just gives me the best feelings. Being a housewife/ stay at home mom is the best thing that could have ever happen to me. I get to be home to take in all these great moments with him. I am so grateful for such a AWESOME husband that understands me enough to give me the time I need to figure out what I want to do in life for us. We both want to own our own business. We're just not sure what it should be just yet.
              We are staining our dinning table! This as been a challenge. & it is taking much long then we originally expected, but the process is so fun... to see the table transform before my eyes is such a great feeling! :)

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