Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom's Day! :)

This is my first Mom's day & for part of my gift we will be doing what I love ... working in the garden and I can't wait!! The second part is Sr. cooking me breakfast.. ....YUM! THe third part is going to my grandmom's house for a mom's day dinner! Not sure how many parts there will be, but this is going to be a great mom's Day!

I am thankful to have a strong beautiful mother who loves me to no end. From her, I learned how to provide for my family & still take care of home. I am grateful to have an amazing grandmother. From her, I learned how to be a care giver & how to be a lady. I am also Thankful for my  wonder mom in law who raised one heck of a man!  I love y'all & Happy Mom's Day ! :)

Happy Mom's Day to all the new Moms & veteran moms.. This is your OUR day.  :)

oh yeah, Congrats to my sis -n- law on graduating today! We love you & we are very proud of you! :)

You got to love him! :)

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