Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sometimes I Get Cranky :)

Baby Swing!
I think he likes it, but mostly he cries his little heart out because he wants to be held. :)
I love my lil nugget, but he has got to stay in that swing, so Mommy can blog about him clean up the house !

(Sorry, it's upside down.. It's probably making you dizzy).

We got the swing from Babies R Us. It's called the Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing - Luv U Zoo.We paid like $30 for it! With the help of gift cards of course. It is a nice swing I must say. Jr. likes it, but he doesn't want to be in it for too long. He is so spoiled rotten. He doesn't want to be in the swing longer then 30mins. Then he wants out. If you are looking for a good swing, this is it. The great thing about it is that it swings two ways; side to side and front to back. Jr likes front to back mostly. This is really a great feature because not all babies like side to side. It also plays eight tunes and has two sound effects. The thing Jr. likes most about the  swing is the moving mobile.The swing also has six speeds.Jr. likes it on the fastest one. lmao. It comes with a power adaptor and you can put in batteries! This swing is great. check out my store if you want to purchase it.

Saints 9-3

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