Tuesday, May 25, 2010

18 weeks & 2 day!


I am getting bigger and bigger by the day! I went for a walk today with queen. It felt good to walk. I just hope that I don't gain more weight than I have too because I have been eatting a lot. I'm trying to make sure I'm eatting because I am hungry and not because I have a taste for food. I just can not wait until we find out the sex which we find out next week! I am so excited. We decided that if it's a boy, we will name the baby after Alden. Ofcourse, the baby will be a Jr. Alden James Cheatham Jr. I love it!. If it's a girl, we will name the baby Zoey. I am not sure of the middle name yet I was thinking Eden, but I'm not sure.

Cassie Graduation Party
This weekend was pretty hectic. It was Cassie's graduation party! It came out nice, but it wore me out. I was so tired!! :) I am sooo happy that it turned out nice! We had a snoball lady come out. The food was really good: we had crawfish, shrimp, pasta, barberque ribs, crawfish pies, deviled egss & mini meatballs (that I made)! Nevetheless, everything can not go perfect! The cake cracked. that was kind of upsetting, but I refuse to let that upset me because I tried so hard to make everything go smoothly. However, I hope next week for Alden's birthday it's not that stressful.

Yesturday, I taught Queen how to roll over. It was extremely difficult. LOL! It took me about an hour, but I am sooo proud!

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