Monday, May 17, 2010

The Baby & me @ 17weeks

Last night, I think I may have felt the baby move for the first time. I was reading online, and it said that you may feel a floodery feeling in your stomach. I kept feeling that for about an hour last night. I am so happy right now I could cry, but I'm trying not to be to excited because maybe it was gas, but it did not feel like gas.. lol

Cassie Graduation was this Week!

05-19-10. I am soooo proud of my sister for completing high school. I just pray that one day that she figures out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. College is not for everyone, but there is so much that she can do that does not involve college. I believe in my heart one day she will figure it out. I just want to tell my sister enjoy this moment because being a teen is pretty much about to be over. She will soon become a young adult, and that is when things began to get serious! However, she will get through it because she has family! I love my sister! :)

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