Friday, May 28, 2010

Twilight & Me

"and so the lion fell in love with the lamb!"

I feel soooo tired today --weak even. I have no idea why I've been feeling like this ALL day!. I went to SUNO to pay for my classes. It is extremely hot outside! There is NO other place like New Orleans when it comes to weather.
 I have been reading Twilight for the past two days. Hopefully, I will finish it tonight! The book is AWESOME. It is so much better than the movie. The book really puts everything in perpective. It goes into details about the Cullens. I love the irony in the entire story how Carlislic, Edward's adopted father's father was a preacher who would run after people who he believed were Vamps, werewolves,witches etc.. and burn them at the stak. Neverthless, he got old and his son , Carlistic, took over the hunt for evil creatures.He was much smarter than his dad because his dad would kill innocent people. However, Carlistic found out where the Vamps were and knew they only came out at night time, so one night he brought a mop of people with him to get the vamps; However, the vamp was hungry and he bite Carlistic and two others and ran off with one. Carlistic survived;however, he knew his dad would have him killed because he had been affected by vamp, so he hid under rotten potatoes for about 3day, and when he rose, he knew he had become something else. I LOVE this! :) It explains who Carlistic is, how he feels, and why he is such a compasionate person.

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