Friday, October 22, 2010

Nesting & Something like that...

Waiting Sucks!..
39 weeks & does it even matter anymore?
 but just in case it does 39 weeks & 5 days.

It's Friday! Yeah.. My due date is Sunday two days from now. But guess what? Nothing is happening.Wait, I think this might be something.. nope just gas!. Ugh. LMAO. If I haven't cleaned EVERY inch of this house, it will be cleaned within the next day! lol I am truly nesting, and I cannot stop. It's addicting. Everyday I have something to do. I write out a list on the chalkboard & I get to work cleaning, organizing and decorating. I thought I was running out of things to do, but believe it or not there seems to always be something to do.. ;)

 I know the baby is not coming this Sunday because I have a scheduled Dr. appointment on Tuesday at 10 o clock.. Hopefully, my Dr. will finally come to her senses and finally induce me! 

Things to do
 before baby come
  1. Babyroom
  2. Install car seat in AJS (Alden Sr.) car
  3. Install car seat in mommie's car
  4. Buy travel system
  5. Clean every inch of the house
  6. Organize the garage
  7. Baby proof the house
  8. Organize the washroom
  9. Organize the kitchen
  10. Organize the office
  11. Pack bag
  12. Organize the bathroom
  13. Get guestroom together
  14. work on garden
  15. work on scrapbook
  16. Put together play pen
Alden Sr. Putting in car seat! :)

Putting together the playpen

 Brought the travel system! :)
                                                                                       Organize the bathroom

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