Saturday, October 23, 2010

What EXACTLY is this supposed to mean??

39 weeks & 6 days.. My due date is tomorrow and ofcourse like I expressed yesturday. Nothing is happenening.. Oh well, but last night strange & unsual things took place which has me confused.

First, two shelves in the pantry literally fell down out of the wall! Our can goods, one of my glass jars broke & other stuff was on the floor in the pantry. I was asleep on the couch at the time when it happen. It terrified me! It was such a loud noise!

                             The after                                                  The before
Second,  the mirror candle holder on the wall in the guestroom fell off the wall for absolutely NO reason at all ! This happen when I was getting up for my nightly/ hourly bathroom run. I was devastated to say the least.. Only one candle holder broke..

I just don't understand why all this happen last night. why does it feels like our home is falling apart. Even through I put soo much time and effort into organizing and cleaning it to make it beautiful before the little one gets here.....

Maybe this is some kind of sign. Maybe God is trying to tell me something!.. so I'm going to file this under the unsolved myterious for now.. lol

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