Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hanging Window Treatments The Cheatham Way :)

When we first moved into our home, I was in such a hurry to put up window treatments. Mostly  because I hated the ones the previous owners left behind. They were valances, and I'm not a big fan of valances. Not sure why but I'm not and that feeling probably won't change anytime soon. Anyway, I put our window treatments up so badly that they had high waters, and It was a mess, so I decided to make sure we do it right this time since this is the LAST time I will be re doing this! I figured I was not the only person who put up window treatments up wrong, and I decided to share with you a tutorial on how to put them up right so that you won't be like me and continually having to do the same project over & over :)

* ** Window Treatments should touch the floor ( in my opinion).

Things you will need
Time: 10 mins - hour depends on the amount of windows 
It took us about 45 minutes to do because we have four windows in our great room area ( a pain in my but!) .
  1. Tape measure
  2. level
  3. hammer
  4. drill
  5. curtains
  6. curtain rods
  7. wall anchors



Use the tape measure to measure the window from bottom to top.  My window is 84" & I don't want high water curtains. I had them before,  and I'm not a fan. ha





Figure out how far you want them by measuring window from side to side. I like for my window treatments to frame the windows so we hung ours about 3" from the window.









 Mark off where you want them and then drill small hole in wall






push anchors into the wall







Put brackets onto the wall and then screw screws through the holes on the bracket into the wall.






Sr.'s extra step ( I would have skipped this step) use the level to make sure everything is all leveled if it's not then start over. (Yeah right, if it's not too bad off then I probably wouldn't do it over lol)
Lucky for us it came pretty good!


Now, admire your wonderfulness:)



Lauren said...

I like those curtains with that wall color. They really pop! Thanks for the helpful tutorial!

Magnolia Charm said...

Thank you! :)

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