Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday! :)


 I went to Lowe's yesterday, and I stumbled across a really good deal! I got some beautiful hydrangeas  for 10 bucks.  The reg. price was 30 bucks!! :)

Now they live  on our porch . Aren't they purty?? Sr. actually likes them which is such a surprise because they have pink in them. Sr. doesn't like pink. I'm not sure why.

Here is some info on Hydrangeas I've read so far:

  • You can change the color of Hydranges depends on adding aluminum to the soil. ( I would love white hydrangeas)
  • They need plenty of moisture.
  • They also need indirect sunlight.
  • Don't plant by trees because tree roots will suck up moisture

Here's a video on prunning Hydranges:

Do you have any Hydrangeas in your garden??
Do you have any tips on growing Hydrangeas?

 We are working in the yard this week & the office & I am so excited! :)
What you got planned this weekend I would love to know :)

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