Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inspirational Southern Gardens

How are you doing this Saturday? Well, I'm thinking about gardens and not just any gardens, but big beautiful gardens. As you know, we are about to start working on our  backyard  gaden & I can't wait! :) So ofcourse, I'm looking for some inspiration &New Orleans have some amazing gardens. It's something about southern gardens that make you want to have a tea party with a big sun hat on ... lol. Nevertheless, I can only aspire for our garden to grow into some of these.

I can picture Sr. & I sitting in our garden talking & relaxing.. puts a smile on my face just thinking about this! :)


omg.. this just a painting, but how amazing!!:)

Courtyard Style - Green Lawn

Courtyard Style - A Moment's Reflection

Courtyard Style - Tropical Flair

Courtyard Style - Smooth Transition

Courtyard Style - Stately Structure

Traditional garden with hydrangeas

Courtyard Style - Focal-Point Fountain

Are you working in the garden yet??

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FAYErydust said...

Nice gardens. It's like I found a SECRET GARDEN. Haha.

Nava.K said...

Like the 3rd picture the most. I too have a garden, not very big but with pegola and creepers growing and awesome fragrant from the rangoon creeper.

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