Thursday, April 21, 2011

Janiya's Minnie Mouse Bday Party :)

This past weekend we went to a birthday party for our friend Steve's little girl Janiya. I am just getting around to posting these pictures. I have been so busy lately working on the home office which is coming along nicely if I might say so myself.  Sr. is burned out, not sure when we are going to get to that laundry room.........guess, this might be my last project for awhile. I better make it

here some pictures from the party:

(I've gotten some fat). But Jr. wasn't interested in Minne Mouse at all.

Clearly, I was the one interested.

He Loves Mommy's kisses!

Why are we mean mugging??

I love my two men!

I love this picture! It looks like they are roaring at each other.

Daddy & the bday girl!

The Bday girl!

The boy with the blue balloon!
Aww too cute!

The Ladies love cool James! :)

Now why is Sr. holding our child like that??

uncle Smitty & the bday girl!

My Son was in love with the bday girl, but she wasn't
So he took things in his own hands. Literally. lol
He was stalking her.

until Rosa came along then he was over her.

Trying to take a much needed Family picture.

That's the best we're going to get.
him & his blue balloon ( I think I am going to do a photo session with him & his balloon for his 7month)

 We had fun especially Jr.

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