Saturday, March 26, 2011


Now do you remember those steal of a deal containers from here:
Well, I have jazzed them up a bit to be more functional.
here is the before:


When I say I LOVE this... I love this... I mean I reallly really love
 I can't wait to put this in the pantry when it is done! :)

obviously, I am obsessed with chalkboards. They are wonderful. I love to be able to erase and re write something. These chalkboard labels are amazing and very convenient.

Do you like chalkboards?? Do you have any in you home?
What do you think about my new chalkboard labels??


The Hopeless Romantic said...

U think ur "obsessed" with chalkboards? LOL, have u SEEN my dining room? The whole upper portion above the paneling in there is painted with chalkboard paint. I love it! I like what u did with the bins, makes things so easy to find..........check out the dining room if ya get a chance, im sure ule love it, lol.

Everybody Love the Cheathams said...

Girl, I love yours. I have so many in our home. THe pantry is a big chalkboard wall. lol I just love them! :)

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