Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sr. & Jr. Photo Session (Jr.4 Month photosession)

Happy Wednesday!

My baby is all grown up! Thursday, He took his 4 month shots. Good thing Senior came with us because I couldn’t take it. I had to step out the room. Yep, you can call me a big baby. He took the shots better than me. I can’t stand to see my baby in tears. Nevertheless, He was a champ like always! I love my Honey. Does it ever get easier to see your baby getting shots?? I don’t think I can get used to it.

Sunday, we had a photo session. I love those boys. There are too many good pictures to put up,so I am going to put up a few.

Jr. was tired before the shoot, but he was a champ during the photo, but towards the end he got sleepy & it showed.. lol You will see.
Sr. Shirt said the "Root of all Evil"
Jr.'s shirt said "Superhero in Training"

I thought that was so funny.
This is my favorite. My two boys look so handsome. I love these boys! :)


awww my baby!



He looks soo innocent, but I know the truth. lol

#6 #7

& then He gets sleepy!

I go one last picture of their shoes before Sr. had enough.

& that was the end to a great photo session.

Tell me what you think about the photos & which ones are your favorites?

Jr. trying to crawl, but he's stuck in reverse:


Dragana said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I like shoes too:)

The Cheathams said...

Thank you! :)

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