Thursday, March 31, 2011

Working in the Garden

It's Spring!

It's time to get dirty and start working on the garden. Right? Well,I have been watching The Martha Show and she says you should plan your garden before you actually start digging . Well, I've been "planning" our garden.  I guess my interpretation of planning a garden is a little bit off. I am pretty much  planning my garden around plants that go on clearance at Lowes. Yep, we're on a budget. Especially since we've been spending a lot of money on stuff around the house. Don't clearance plants need love too?? ha

 Here is a tip I've learned for buying plants, It's better to buy plants in the Winter if you can house them because we  brought most of our plants in the winter and kept them inside to nurther them.  However, we didn't have to keep them in most days because New Orleans weather is very WEIRD! One day it could be under 40 degrees, and then the next day it could be in the 70's.  We do not have a TRUE Winter season! I found most of our hanging plants for a steal in the Winter. Some were dieing and needed some TLC.
Here is one of them:
$2.00 regular $10 we brought all they which was five. We would have brought more if we could. They were originally red when we first brought them,but when Spring hit they turned green.
Here's another:

These were a $1 They are baby Ivory I think.

I l o v e this flower:

The love story Lily.. The BEST deal ever! $2.00. Can you believe that?? They weren't even dieing. They hadn't even bloomed yet. One lady got to them before I could she got most of them. I only was able to get 3 before this other lady snatched up the fourth one before I could get it. Yep, it was a fight over these. Wouldn't you fight over them too?? lol I went back to Lowes  because I really wanted 4 , but now I think I want 8. And guess what, they had just brought some off the truck, and they want $8 for them, yeah, I think I'm going to wait it out to see it I luck up & get them on clearance again..

These are all the flowers I just recently brought all under $3.00. Can you believe that??

We LOVE plants. We have several inside our home. Plants & flowers just makes a home feel like a home. :)

Here is some of our inside plants :
 $1.00 it was half dieing before I brought it. Wish I had a before picture.

My latest find as of two days ago. $ 1.50. I brought 2, and They are on our entry table

Here's another tip that is pretty helpful when shopping, Lowes have these bar codes on their plants. All you have to do is download the software on your smart phone & then snap a picture of the bar code & the plant guide comes up right on your phone in seconds. This is an amazing tool. It really can help when you're trying to figure out what plants will work best in your garden..

Are you working on your garden/ landscaping? What flowers are you buying?

** I am a beginner gardener. I know a little bit from  being in the garden club when I was in elementry, a little bit from my grandpapa, a little bit from trial & error, and a little bit from research. I am NO expert on gardening. Please share some tips if you have any because I really want a beautiful garden..


courney said...

I think your doing a great job with your website it is rare to see a young mom and wife doing these awesome home improvements. keep the good work up and keep posting things it very interesting!!

Everybody Love the Cheathams said...

Thank you! :)

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