Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Living Room inspiration

The room now is kind of blah.. lol I refuse to post pictures until it is complete. I created this mood board in paint. I got these pictures from off the web. These are some idea for the living room. We are already working on the picture wall. We just need to add pictures and do a little more rearranging. We also got a mirror and a stand from Alden's mom, so we have to work that into the picture wall. I think I an going to put the stand on the picture wall as well. I can't wait to post pictures to show y'all.

 We already have sofa set,  ottoman, curtains (just received from Jcp.com) & a rug. I want to replace the rug with a zebra print one. I think it will give the room a more trendy look. I also want to add round end tables from World Market by couch with matching glass lamps. I want two white fur pillows and white & black monogram pillow with the letter C for Cheatham of course!  The room is slowly coming a long. I think it will be completed in about a month & a half from now. At least I hope.

This is a sketch of how I want the area to look. It is just to give myself an idea of what I want. It's kind of like a starting point. I tend to sketch out my ideas, so I can organize them and have something as a guide. This method really helps me focus because I tend to get side track a lot of the time because I have SOOO many ideas in my head. Then I create a mood board to bring my ideas to life. The Inspiration Boards give me an idea of what I really want. Most of the stuff on the Inspiration board is just on there for inspiration because I usually can't afford most of the stuff on there, so I either have to go thifting to find similar things or make it myself to accomplish a similar look! Honestly, I really enjoy doing the latter because it is much more of a rewarding experience! :)
* I am not an artist! lol
Do you sketch and/or create inspiration boards when decorating/ doing home improvement?

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