Thursday, March 10, 2011

Living Room Done, well sort of. Part I

Happy Thursday!

We really live in our living room. I really mean we live in our living room. This is not an area that we have at the front of our house where no one is allowed in, and it always looks "pretty". It gets messy sometimes. This is our den, sitting room & tv room .  We need stuff in the room that is usable & can serve several functions because we usually always have friends and family over . This is only one side of the living room. We will post the other side when it's done. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with the outcome. However, there is some things I will upgrade like the lamp ( I plan on getting to it pretty soon). The picture wall was a process in itself.  It took weeks and several transformations ( will post). Thanks to Sr. for being so patient  with me while doing the picture wall!  ds( b    gbv      sorry for the messed up words. Jr. is trying to type too. lmao.

Remember my inspiration for the living room if not click here.

I got the Eat, Pray, Love book from the Thrift Store for about $2.00. I am just reading

I got the serving tray from the thrift store. Read more about that here & see the
transformation of the serving tray here.

 we got these pillows from

What do you think hit or miss?


CHEATAH59 said...


Dragana said...

I really like the white picture frames in different shapes!

The Cheathams said...

Thank You Dragana! that's one of my favorites things in the room. I get to see the people I love everyday. It's a great feeling.

The Modern-Retro Housewife said...

LOVE the gallery wall! Looks amazing!

Love your blog, too!

Everybody Love the Cheathams said...

Girl, thank you :)
We tried really

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