Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspiration for Our Home Office

We are about to start working on our home office. I  have so many ideas. I just can't wait to start bossing around Sr.(lmao)! We are starting to realize we have a very  eclectic design style. which consist of a mix of rustic, romantic, traditional, modern, mid century & a itty bit country( really little! & I don't mean chicken & rooster wallpaper. It's more like stained wood country) .The room color now is a very ugly unique green color. Sr. loves the color. I hate it, so we are most likely going to go with a shade of white.  Here are some inspirational spaces:

 (via Sarah's house)
I love the desk & the post it board!

                                           ( source: unknown)                                             
Talk about eclectic! :)
My Ideal space!

(source: Devil Wears Prada movie)
I heart the picture wall

that desk!

I love the desk & picture wall.

The stack of books are nice &they are a great conversation piece!

What projects are you working on?

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