Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pottery Barn plates .59 cents each!

You have got to LOVE Goodwill! Look at all this amazing stuff I got for $27. I wasn't even going to go yesterday, but I said to myself I am just going to browse. I love browsing! :)  I can't believe I found 7 Pottery Barn plates for .59 cents each.! I wasn't even looking for dinnerware, but I couldn't pass this up. I stumbled on these dish completely by accident. & what a great accident.

.99 a piece I got 8

mini shelf .99
When is the last time you been thrifting?


Dragana said...

Wow, you ARE lucky girl:)

Young Cheathams said...

I know right! lol
Lately, I have been finding some great deals! Do you thrift store shop?

Dragana said...

Unfortunately in Hungary I have no many opportunities for treasure bargains as you do:( btw, You WON my hand made tea bags:))) Please let me know where shall I send it to. Congratulations!

Young Cheathams said...

YAYY! I can't wait to get it..What's your email, so I can send you my address!

Dragana said... Sending on Monday, will check how long it takes for you to get it and will let you know.

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