Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank you, Mr. President!

About 6 weeks ago, we sent Mr. President a birth announcement for the baby ( click here to see it).
& guess what we received in the mail yesterday!

This letter was in the inside!
This is so great to put in your baby's book.

It was  like Christmas when I got this letter.I couldn't believe it!

To get the president to send your baby a letter, you must send an announcement to

White House Greetings Office

Room 39

Washington, DC 20500

make sure baby's name
& birthday is on the announcement!

If you don't have a birth announcement, then just send a letter with baby's full name, weight, date of birth.
  You will get it.However, it may take about 2 months to get it, but it is sooo worth it!

There are many other things you can get greetings for from the White House  such as weddings, anniversaries, etc.. click here to learn more! Also,this would be nice if you sent it on behalf of somebody, and they would recieve it in the mail . It would be such a great surprise!

So will you be sending a birth announcement or any other kind of annoucement to the president? or have done so already & how did you feel when you got it???

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